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We offer a variety of services from architecture design, 3D photorealistic images, business interior designs and more. Explore the array of home and business interior design services that we have to offer.

Interior Design Services Cyprus

MV Designs Studio is dedicated to provide bespoke architectural designs across Cyprus and beyond, on a global level. We’ve compiled years of experience, a diverse mindset through travelling and living abroad and a well-educated team of professionals who work with passion and dedication.

MV Designs Studio offers a myriad of services to bring your dreams to life, excelling in interior design. Rummage through our services below and let us know how we can help you.

Residential and Commercial Interior Design

MV Designs Studio can assist you in bringing to life your dream designs. We have experience and expertise in interior designs for businesses and for residential homes.

As a company we ensure that our projects are unique and that we give 100% of our focus and dedication to providing each client with their desired outcome, whether that be interior design or any service we offer.

We have provided interior design work for a range of clients across Cyprus. Some of our clients include: P.P Business Center, Stretto Cafe, Artima Restaurant, Yabashi Asian Fusion Restaurant, United Catering Equipment Showroom and the Hub Cafe. These are only a few of our many clients that we have provided bespoke interior design work for.

Interior Service
Interior Service

Residential and Commercial Exterior Design

We find a perfect combination of luxury and stylish in our designs. We have years of experience in exterior design for both residential homes and commercial buildings and businesses

Let us find your plan, your vision, your dream design, and make it a reality. Exterior design can create new and desired effects aligned with it’s purpose.

Residential and Commercial Architectural Design

We have collated years of experience and expertise in architectural design for companies and individuals across Cyprus and at a global level. MV Designs Studio believes in meticulous planning and design to create optimum work for each client. Our architecture is unique and created with a combination of various cultural inspirations from across the world. Our work has influences from Asia, Europe, America and more.

Architectural design is one of our bespoke services that we offer, to logistically plan and design each project to perfection. We are a company that provide a blend of unlimited creativity with pinpoint accuracy and robust quality work.

Architectural Design

Residential and Commercial Renovations

Home and business renovations are important to keep your property sustainable and eye-catchy, whether for personal admiration with residential home renovations or to keep your business looking up-to-date and fresh with office and business renovations. Renovating can be difficult without the right direction and guidance, MV Designs Studio can help you every step of the way, from creativity to creation, planning to perfection.

Renovations are extremely popular and a service that we are very passionate about. As a company we understand the need to renovate, to keep your company or business looking the best it can, which in turn, attracts more clients and customers.

Residential and Commercial 3D Photorealistic

Creating a new design for your business or your home can be daunting, making sure it is captured correctly, to know that this project will look how you desire it and to feel confident in the investment you are making. Therefore, we provide a 3D photorealistic service that adheres to your worries, formulating an accurate image of what you new design with MV Designs Studio will look like.

3D photorealistic is a popular services and helps our clients visually see their projects before construction, we bring your dreams to live digitally and physically. This allows for more accurate planning and design and helps us tailor make your unique designs.

3D Photorealistic

Design Portfolio

Carob Mill
Yabashi Sushi
Hub Cafe
Alfred Coffee
Gin Fish
Sentosa Health
Berta Rehab
Mariart De La Table
United Catering
Cafe Calma
Pahit Ice
Victoria Tents

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