Bespoke Interior Design

MV Designs Studio carries out unparalleled interior design services across Cyprus for commercial and residential properties. We are experienced and experts in the interior design field, capable of performing a variety of services to create your vision.


Experienced interior design on a global level.

Unique architectural designs and passion for interior designs.


Helping customers achieve their home or company design dreams.

Our work is professional and transparent with our clients.


Our portfolio has accumulated the likes of top restaurants across Cyprus.

Our expertise is unparalleled through constant learning and quality work.


A Touch of Interior Design Class

MV Designs Studio has been successfully operating from Cyprus for over 5 years, in which we have collected various accolades and built strong relationships with all of our clients. Our interior design services range from professional to personal, interior to exterior and we enter each agreement with determination and passion for the project. Let us help you add value to your lives through bespoke interior design services.

Home Design

Home Interior Design

MV Designs Studio specialises in home interior design services. We have mastered the art of turning clients dreams into realities through breathtaking home interior designs. Home interior design is at the heart of our expertise and we want to share our cyprus interior design work with the island of Cyprus.

Business Design

Business Interior Design

As a company we understand the impact of interior design for businesses, to enhance productivity, professionalism and to correlate with a company's branding. Our business interior design work focuses on creating a positive work atmosphere and vibe across companies, creating the perfect place for employees to work in.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Exterior design is a unique services that MV Designs Studio can offer. With our vast experience and qualifications, our company can implement structured, robust and high quality exterior designs for your residential home or commercial property. Whether we are designing your dream home or adding value to your company, our exterior designs can enhance your property.

Design Projects

Business Design Business Design
Renovation Design Renovation Design
Bedroom Interior Design Bedroom Interior Design
3D Photorealistic 3D Photorealistic
Exterior Design Exterior Design


Interior Design - Exterior Design

Miranda Vasiliou - The Stand-Out Interior Designer

Artima Bistro - Mediterranean Cuisine

2022 Global Winner - Luxury Restaurant Awards

Design Portfolio

Carob Mill
Yabashi Sushi
Hub Cafe
Alfred Coffee
Red Cafe
Gin Fish
Sentosa Health
Berta Rehab
Mariart De La Table
United Catering
Cafe Calma
Pahit Ice
Victoria Tents
Mixology Bar